IRAN ICOM Conservation Commission Statement

new, news / Monday, August 24th, 2020

 Beirut Explosion

4 August 2020

Once again we have all witnessed another man-made disaster in the world. The horrifying tragedy in Beirut not only resulted in great loss of lives but also severely affected the cultural heritage of the Lebanon and mankind. Historical buildings, museum collections and archival materials were among some of the cultural properties either destroyed or gravely damaged during the course of explosion of 4th August 2020 in Beirut, Lebanon. IRAN ICOM Conservation Commission with its 12 affiliated working groups on Conservation of Paintings, Conservation of Manuscripts and Archival Materials, Conservation of Architectural Decorations, Conservation of Metals and Enamel, conservation of Stone and Rock Arts, Conservation of Carpets and Textiles, Conservation of Modern Materials and Contemporary Arts, Conservation of Archaeological Finds, Earthen Architecture Traditional Materials and Methods, Documentation, Training and Preventive Conservation, and the History and Theoretical Principles of Conservation/Restoration, while expressing its utmost regret for this terrible event, concurrently with other countries and related institutions declares its solidarity, and announces its readiness for the recovery and conservation of Lebanon’s cultural heritage.